Turned a corner

I did something last night that makes me unreasonably proud.  I printed the first of 5 parts of my book.  I did that so that Phantom can attack it with a purple pen.  (His favorite color).

I know that there are a lot of things that need to be changed, but a unique view point will definitely help.  He can spot things in the story that I won’t since I’m so involved in it.  I’m really looking forward to seeing what he says about it. 

Also, I asked him to be completely brutal.  I’m not sure if he will, but I trust him to help since he wants me to succeed in this as well.  He’s tired of seeing me scream at my computer and bang on my keyboard in frustration with my chat job.


2 things that I know I need to rewrite…

1. The characters need unique voices.  I can see them in my head, but I can’t hear them when I read the dialogue.  Everyone sounds just the same.  I need to learn how to write an Irish brogue for one character.  Not one that’s unnecessarily flowery and difficult to read, but one that seems somewhat believable and adds to the characterization.

2. My protagonist lives in her head too much.  Granted, this is the part of the story where she’s mopey and emo, but pages of description about how she putters around the house is NOT interesting.  There needs to be more action.  I think this happened because *I* live way too much in my head. 


One of the big things I picked up from the writing workshops at D*con last year was not to make your characters overly precious.  Bad things need to happen to them to move the story along. 

I just wrote a scene where bad things just kept happening to my character, AND I LOVED IT!  I honestly think it was the best part of the book so far.  Again these were things taken from my life, so that’s kind of bitter sweet.  😀


Things to focus on next.  I need to introduce an animal for the second part.  Also, I need to figure out how to bring in a character from the outside world.  Maybe they’ll show up together somehow?


Writing music.

This is the Pandora station that I created to go with this book.  WRITING RADIO

I included a lot of things that matched the mood of the book, including Southern and alt country, new agey foo-foo, goth and darkwave, world fusion, and anything pagany sounding.  There’s a lot of Loreena McKennitt and Led Zeppelin.  LOVE THAT!  I added Dead Can Dance, but they never come up..  :-

I decided to do this before I read that Yasmine Galenorn does the same thing.  When I found out that she did, it was very validating and exciting for me.  I wonder, though, sometimes if I’ve put too much effort into the ritual and the trappings of writing time, and if that’s keeping me from actually doing the work. 

I have this blog, I have a Twitter account, I have a Pandora station set up.  Next to my bed, I have a purple candle for inspiration, and a separate incense to represent each of the 5 parts of the book.  I have all the materials to make myself a keychain for every section I complete.  (The first keychain is done, and hangs from my laptop bag as a reminder that I’ve accomplished something.)

I’m also planning another trip down to the area where I want to set the town.  I need to get back there and get out of my car this time.  I need to walk around and listen to the sounds of the birds there in the forest, and imagine where the buildings will go.  I need to re-connect with the physicality of the place. 

But is that just another way to try to connect with my story and the process without actually doing the work? 

I don’t know.  I do know that I’ve been happier and more at peace on the days when I write.


Right now, I’m still writing scenes where everything falls to shit.  You know, those days when NOTHING goes right.  I had one of those myself, so I’m finding it really easy to connect to that.  :-

Another note..

I’m trying to come up with some really stupid, annoying accidents to happen to my character.  Nothing that would hack off a limb, but those little annoying things that just fuck up your day. 

Sadly, I’m finding more than enough inspiration mining my own past.  It’s kind of funny/weird going over all of the stupid shit that I’ve done. 

Note to self..

Writing is not difficult as long as I JUST SIT DOWN AND DO IT!  It’s the worrying about finding time to write, the freaking out about where I’m going next in the story, trying to figure out all the logistics of time and space, THAT is the difficult part. 

I started today with a word count of 26,182.  Let’s see where I end up, shall we?


I also started working on a map of Glint on Illustrator.  After realizing that it just wasn’t working (it looked fake), I decided to get a Google Maps satellite view of the real road that is weaving its way through my story.  I’m going to trace it in Photoshop, and then work from there.  Should lend some realism. 

A lucky coincidence happened when I realized that this road already has farmland attached (I didn’t remember that from my drive), and there’s a church and an old cemetery at the end of the road.  I want to paganize that somehow.  I’ll make it a church turned art studio or something similar.  🙂

I also wasn’t sure how to add the characters’ houses, but I found that there was a neighborhood.  I obviously need to go back there and look at everything again, take some more pictures.  One of the pics I got of the old gravel part of the road will most likely end up on my (self designed) cover.


I’m also not stuck on the name of the town being Glint.  I want something hippie-pagan, but that suggests a will-o-wisp, or something secret hidden in a magical forest.  Yeah, foo-foo I know, but this is a foo-foo pagan story.  I’m kind of working out the new age pagan princess part of my personality in this story.  She doesn’t see a lot of action these days since I’ve been so oppressed by damned reality.  😛


Side note, there’s a woman at Borders who is not sitting but standing next to her table.  Swaying, really.  I’m a little worried that she’s a church freak, and that she’s swaying while praying for my soul.  (I have a pentagram sticker on my laptop) 

A man asked if he could trade tables with her so he could use the plug at her table, and she refused.  😦