Writing music.

This is the Pandora station that I created to go with this book.  WRITING RADIO

I included a lot of things that matched the mood of the book, including Southern and alt country, new agey foo-foo, goth and darkwave, world fusion, and anything pagany sounding.  There’s a lot of Loreena McKennitt and Led Zeppelin.  LOVE THAT!  I added Dead Can Dance, but they never come up..  :-

I decided to do this before I read that Yasmine Galenorn does the same thing.  When I found out that she did, it was very validating and exciting for me.  I wonder, though, sometimes if I’ve put too much effort into the ritual and the trappings of writing time, and if that’s keeping me from actually doing the work. 

I have this blog, I have a Twitter account, I have a Pandora station set up.  Next to my bed, I have a purple candle for inspiration, and a separate incense to represent each of the 5 parts of the book.  I have all the materials to make myself a keychain for every section I complete.  (The first keychain is done, and hangs from my laptop bag as a reminder that I’ve accomplished something.)

I’m also planning another trip down to the area where I want to set the town.  I need to get back there and get out of my car this time.  I need to walk around and listen to the sounds of the birds there in the forest, and imagine where the buildings will go.  I need to re-connect with the physicality of the place. 

But is that just another way to try to connect with my story and the process without actually doing the work? 

I don’t know.  I do know that I’ve been happier and more at peace on the days when I write.


Right now, I’m still writing scenes where everything falls to shit.  You know, those days when NOTHING goes right.  I had one of those myself, so I’m finding it really easy to connect to that.  :-

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