3 responses to “Video- Creativity Witch Bottle

  1. Hey- I find so much needed solace in your writing. Despite all the bravado and flirtatious blather, I’m hurting right now. Another smack down for reasons beyond my control. I can’t erase the years, all the things that could have better, but I hope to make the future more promising. But it hurts when you know for sure that ability will never equal ambition. Aim for the stars! Bounce off that tree.

    • Hi David, I’m so sorry for everything you’re going through. It seems that you and I are a lot alike in the smackdown arena of life, and I can’t imagine what a letdown it would be to go through all the work you did to not have things work out how you planned. I know there’s something out there for you, and for me, and we can be happy for each other when it happens. *hug*

      • You got it. I see and hear so much potential in you. I think self confidence might be an issue- I sure know it is for me. How to conquer that is always contentious within myself. What’s too much, too little, is it hubris, on and on.
        Oh well- Take care, and thanks for being a friend.

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