Yule and mistletoe

So, yeah.  We’re making a go of this incense thing.  I’ve been making incense for the sabbats anyways, and one of my favorite parts is gathering the ingredients.  For Samhain, we gathered fresh cypress needles from a cemetery.  They were LOVELY.  They really made the incense pop.

For Yule, we began scanning the landscape for mistletoe.  I’ve gathered some in the past, but this was Bear’s first go.  He scouted out the perfect candidates, and we collected quite the haul on the full moon.

Mistletoe haul

Mistletoe haul

This was another instance where it’s good to have the tall husband.  And it really does add a great green note to the incense.  Again, I’m not going to reveal my full recipe, but we did use colophony pine resin from Portugal and some great spices.

Attached to an ornamental pear tree of some sort

Attached to an ornamental pear tree of some sort

The ingredients for the kyphi are coming together nicely too.  We made a trip to the international market, and I found beautiful golden raisins and dried dates to use.  I was looking for galangal root, but all I found was galangal powder.  So I’ll be doing some looking.


On the home front, my uncle passed away.  It seems like people are dropping like flies, and it’s happening faster and faster.  That makes 7 in 2.5 years.  It sucks, and I’m feeling kind of disconnected right now.  I’m focusing on incense and Yule, and trying to make this a good Yule for myself, Bear, and J.  Hopefully it will be great.

I’m going within, and it’s nice.

Please pay special attention to Abercrombie boy.  He’s my favorite.  🙂


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