Wicca/Paganism 201

The world is flooded with Wicca 101, whether that’s in books, videos, websites, or even movies.  That’s one of the main reasons why I get bored with my faith and lose interest for long stretches of time, because I keep seeing the same information over and over and over again, just regurgitated and repackaged.

That’s why I’m SO grateful for MirthandReverence on Youtube.  Because for years, I’ve been looking for Wicca 201/202 or 301/302.  And here it is!  She really explores some of the deeper concepts and mysteries, and shows me that there’s still a ton left to learn.

Please show her some appreciation by subscribing to her channel and commenting on her videos!  🙂

One response to “Wicca/Paganism 201

  1. Amie,
    Thank you so much for sharing this video. You opened me up to finding a real person that is talking about Paganism without all the bells and whistles but with educated communication. I do not see status or pride in the video, just real, honest information.
    Thank you & Blessed Be!

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