Glogg recipe

This is something I’ve made for years and years.  Be careful drinking it!  It will hit you like a sledgehammer.  A delicious, Swedish, Yuletide sledgehammer.


Heat one bottle dry red wine with one sliced orange, 3/4 cups raisins, 1/2 cup blanched almonds, 6 cardamom pods, 5 cloves, and a cinnamon stick. (spices should be tied in cheesecloth to be removed before drinking)

In another saucepan, combine a bottle of brandy and a pound of sugar. Heat a little, then flame the brandy to melt the sugar. (This is where I invariably set something- a spoon, kitchen towel, the counter- on fire).

When the sugar has completely dissolved and the flame is extinguished, mix the mixture with the wine.

Spoon into mugs with an orange slice, a few raisins, and almonds in each glass.

Français : Verre de vin chaud

Français : Verre de vin chaud (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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5 responses to “Glogg recipe

  1. I love Glögg very much 🙂 Thanks for sharing your recipe. 🙂 There is lots of ways to do it and the one with brandy is a new one for me. I prefer to make it on Blackcurrents.

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