Altar of Change

Do you ever wonder what lies at the end of that nearly hidden dirt road you just passed?  It could be anything, really.  And even if you know, you may not know the full story.

Vine wants to escape her life.  She hates her job, her love life, and the soullessness of the city.  So she decides to move back to a place from her childhood.  Best case scenario, she’ll have a nice place to live and be able to make a fresh start.  What she finds is so much more than that.

Welcome to Willowisp, a community where there’s magick in everything and everyone.  The old gods are given their due, and the seasons are celebrated the right way.  There are also terrible dangers, both magickal and mundane.

Vine finds herself being faced with challenges, and friendship, the like of which she’s never known.

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