Gathering ingredients for Samhain incense

My husband is lovely.  Simply lovely.  He truly is the best thing in my life.  And when I asked him yesterday if he would like to go to the cemetery with me to gather some ingredients for incense, he didn’t hesitate.  He was even a bit excited for another one of my cemetery adventures.


A gravesite being taken over by a leaning cypress tree

He gave me space to meditate and commune with the trees to ask if I could use some of their materials for my incense, and he held what I had collected while I went on my mad search to find the next thing I needed.  Did I mention that he was sick and felt gnarly the whole time?  He’s lovely.

At any rate, I haven’t decided if I’m going to list my entire ingredient roster here, since I have a dream of one day hawking my incense wares on ETSY or some similar forum.  But I will show what I got on my collecting trip.


This is the stuff I gathered for my Samhain incense and altar

I got some graveyard dirt (and quartz and acorns and a shard of milk glass) to put into a small jar to keep on the altar.  I also got some leaves from a live oak, and cypress needles and bark.  The cypress smells soooooo good!  Those will all go into my incense.

Unrelated to the Samhain incense, I also got some lovely, crispy-dry hop flowers from an unnamed source.  Hops are great for anything having to do with sleep or relaxation.  They may find their way into a dream pillow at some point.


On Figment a few days ago, there was a contest where you were asked to describe a totem in 33 words.  I seriously thought about it, and while I decided not to enter the contest, I did consider totems in my world, and which character would benefit from something of that nature.  Vine weaves charms into her dreadlocks as she moves along on her journey, and that was what sprang to mind immediately.  However, I began to think about some of the more peripheral characters, and dreamt up a short story for a character that’s dedicated to Cernunnos.  I’m feeling especially drawn to Cernunnos right now, probably due to the time of the year, and it seemed to write itself.  Now to type it out.  🙂

Response to a daily writing prompt- Bells

This daily writing prompt was added as part of the TWWS group on Live Journal.  This was my response.  (To be fair, it took me about 16 minutes.)


Write for ten minutes on the topic: bells.


Trixie rose unsteadily to her feet. She was barefoot, naked, vulnerable. She was used to wearing beautiful things, high heels, makeup. But she wanted to come to her new Goddess completely bare. She wanted to give herself completely to Inanna without any pretensions or masks.

She had just recently decided to begin transitioning. There were still things that she didn’t love about her body. She still had square shoulders, muscular arms, and the thin hips of a man. But you could also tell that the hormones were beginning to kick in.

She was getting softer. Her voice was getting a touch higher. Her face was filling in a bit. And she had never been happier. She felt that it was part of her calling, and that she was finally becoming the Trixie that she was meant to be.

She flipped her long, black hair over her shoulder, and leaned down to make one small adjustment. Though she was naked, unadorned, she did allow herself the vanity of a few accessories. Namely, strings of bells tied around her ankles. She hoped that they would provide a musical accompaniment for her dance. She hoped that they would enhance her offering, and she somehow knew that Inanna would approve.

She crossed to the stereo, and scrolled through her iPod. There was one song in particular that called to her. She had always wanted to experience the song through movement, and this was as fitting a time to do that as any. It was a very low, rhythmic drumming with waves of droning behind it. It sped up to a crescendo, the droning becoming a chant, and finally a supplication, and it had always reminded Trixie of the slow build of a really great orgasm.

The music began, and so did she. She began by just swaying. She really didn’t have any idea what kind of dance Inanna would like, so she waited for the music to lead her. Before long, it did.

She spread her feet to shoulder width and began to move her pelvis in an erotic, pendulous rhythm. It felt right. And as she bent her knees, dropping her center of gravity lower to the floor, she felt even more right.

Something told her to move in front of the full-length mirror, and she did so without hesitation. She repeated the same motions, loving the curves and lines that her body made in the reflection. She dropped her hips farther, and slowly began to caress her torso.

She was smooth from a recent waxing, and moisturized every day. The result was that her golden skin gleamed in the candlelight. Her hair also shone, the curls catching the candlelight as well, but it was her eyes that really shone. They were usually a deep black, but they were catching the golden glow of the candles and sparkling as if they were lit from some internal flame.

She raised her hands over her head and began moving in earnest as the drum beats came quicker and quicker. She moved her feet to twist and reach, and the music took her away. As she began to reach the climax of the song, she realized that she was actually beginning to climax herself.

It wasn’t a typical male orgasm, rather something internal. A rhythmic clenching and releasing from deep inside her. She could only imagine that it was spiritual as well as physical. She was hard as a rock, but she didn’t come. Not the way she was used to anyways. Her muscles tensed and she shook as her body was rocked by something she had never experienced before.

She fell to the plush carpet, and writhed as the spasms took her body over and over again. She must have spent 10 minutes in the throes of bliss, long after the music had slowed. But there was still drumming. She could feel her heart beating, drumming inside her body in time with her Goddess.

Her offering had been accepted.